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as Caesar  AD 251
as Augustus  AD 251 - 253

Gaius Vibius Afinius Gallus Vendumnianus Volusianus:
Son of Trebonianus Gallus.

AD 251 Caesar under Trebonianus Gallus and Hostilian
AD 251 - 253 - Augustus with Trebonianus Gallus

Volusianus was the son of Trebonianus Gallus. When his father became emperor after the death of Decius, he first raised to the rank of Augustus Decius's son, Hostilianus. Volusianus became Caesar and bore the title Prince of Youth as well. When Hostilianus died shortly thereafter from the terrible pestilence ravaging Rome, Volusianus became Augustus. He perished at the side of his father when their outnumbered soldiers murdered them to avoid a hopeless confrontation with the advancing army of Aemilian.

Mints: Antioch, Mediolanum, Rome.

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