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Julia Soaemias
Augusta  AD 218 - 222

Julia Soaemias Bassiana.
Mother of Elagabalus;
Daughter of Julia Maesa;
Sister of Julia Mamaea;
Niece of Julia Domna and Septimius Severus;
Aunt of Severus Alexander;
Cousin of Caracalla and Geta.

The elder daughter of Maesa, Julia Soaemias was born about 180. She married Sextus Varius Marcellus, like her a native of Apamea in Syria Secunda, who had a long and successful equestrian career before he was adlected into the senate. The couple had numerous children, of whom Elagabalus, born about 203, became emperor largely due to her support. With her mother, she plotted to gain the support of the army at Emesa in 218 for her son and was present at the battle which overthrew Macrinus. As the emperor's mother, with the title Iulia Soaemias Augusta, she played a great role in government and administration; she helped establish a senaculum mulierum on the Quirinal, which concerned itself with the behavior of women. She was slain with her son, attempting to protect him, on or about March 11, 222. Her body was dragged through the streets and she suffered damnatio memoriae.

Mints: Rome

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