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Pescennius Niger
Augustus  AD 193 - 194 (April AD 193 - summer 194)

Gaius Pescennius Niger.

Gaius Pescenius Niger was the governor of Syria when he got wind of Pertinax's murder and the growing dissatisfaction with his successor Didius Julianus. An ambitious man, he decided it was his time, and arranged for his acclamation by the Syrian legions, at the same time as Severus was proclaimed emperor in Pannonia. The eastern legions and Roman allies declared for Niger, which worried Severus enough to leave Rome in person and begin a march east. Severus turned victorious in several encounters and Niger was forced to retreat. Meanwhile the eastern provinces had second thoughts and began leaving his camp one after another. Finally, Niger was forced to evacuate Antioch, his capital city, and fled toward Mesopotamia. He was overtaken by his pursuers before he could cross the Euphrates, however, and put to death sometime in summer 195. Among other things, he left behind an extensive silver coinage which betrays eastern motives entwined with traditional Roman terminology.

Mints: Antioch.

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