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Son of Claudius  AD 42 - 55

Britanicus (earlier Tiberius Claudius Germanicus) Born AD 42 - died AD 55
Son of Claudius and Valeria Messalina;
Brother of Claudia Octavia;
Half-brother of Claudia Antonia;
Step-brother of Nero.

Britannicus was the son of Claudius. His first shot at the purple came at the age of seven, when Claudius's wife Messalina and Gaius Silius decided to unseat Claudius and install Britannicus instead. The plot fell through and the two conspirators lost their lives, but Britannicus remained his father's favorite. After 49 and Claudius's marriage to Agrippina he was gradually displaced by Nero, and in 55 either Agrippina or Nero managed to eliminate him by poisoning him at a dinner party.

Mints: Rome.

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