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Welcome to

The site is designed as an extensive free online reference of Ancient Roman coins. The catalog incorporates a sophisticated search engine for easy coin identification, as well as detailed information and images of the various coins.

Our goal is to provide coin collectors, history buffs, and anyone that shares our fascination and interest in the Ancient World with an extensive collection of numismatic data, ancient history and art.

We are glad to present the first stage of our project - an extensive reference of Roman Imperial Coinage. We're currently working on improving the Roman Coins Catalog by adding new entries on a daily basis. The complete version of the catalog will contain separate sections for Roman Republican, Roman Provincial and Byzantine Coinage as well.

We're always open to suggestions, and our hope is with the help of all our users to some day create the most complete Roman coin reference. The success of this ambitious project depends largely on help from people like you, with information and images of coins not included in the catalog.


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There are currently 5031 entries in the Catalog.
We are updating records, adding more roman coins and images daily.

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